Discrete Op Amp Review – Meyer CP-10 EQ


The SS3602 Discrete Op Amp has been reviewed in a Meyer CP-10 Parametric EQ.


SS3602Finally completed mods on one channel of my Meyer CP-10 parametric eq.  It is originally speced to be used in live sound but I’m modding it to be used as a super transparent mastering grade equalizer.  I placed the Sparkos SS3602 as the output driver, replacing the standard NE-5532.

Wow, what a difference!  The congested mids, lackluster bass and ordinary top now have verve, punch and transparency!   I only modded one channel, so I can instantly A-B the stock channel.  Needless to say, I will be ordering another for  the second
channel.  Planning on adding another SS3602 to each input if the DC offset is low enough to remove the coupling caps.

Fits perfectly!  Keep up the great work!


Tony Eichler
Certifiable Audio Alchemist
Goldtone Masterworks

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