Discrete Op Amp Review – VimakDS-1800DAC


Discrete Op Amp Review – VimakDS-1800 DAC

discrete-op-amp-1800dacUpgrading and modifying DACs and CD Players over the years  I found Sparkos Labs Discrete OP Amps are the best on the  market regardless the price. SS3601 and SS3602. Discrete OPAs were compared in my VimakDS-1800 DAC (and not only)  with dozens of OPAs from TI, AD, Burson, Dexa,  and so on and  nothing came close to these small “beauties”  in terms of  resolution, details, soundstage and PRAT.

They will reveal the information from
CDs that you haven’t heard before.
Biased in class A they will allow you to
listen to any kind of music without
fatigue. These OPAs are easy to implement in
any circuit and they are work best in I/V
or in output stages. Great job Sparkos Labs!

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