Discrete Regulator And Op Amp Review – Eastern Electric Minimax DAC


An Eastern Electric Minimax DAC has been fully upgraded with both Discrete Op Amps as well as Discrete Voltage Regulators from Sparkos Labs.

I first upgraded the stock op amps in my
Eastern Electric MinMax Tube DAC SupremeDiscrete op amps only_FB
with the SS3601 and SS3602 Discrete Op
Amps and found it to be a major improvement,
just as had been exquisitely  described by
Douglass Schroeder in his review at
Dagogo.com.  I then upgraded all of the 3
terminal power supply regulators with your
Discrete Voltage Regulators in the hopes of
similar results.

Although the installation required removing
the motherboard, carefully unsoldering the 3
terminal power supply regulators, and replacing
them the Discrete Regulators, the quality of the
Eastern Electric circuit board is very good and
it easily tolerated the work without any lifted
solder pads or other problems.  While I had the
motherboard out, I also bypassed the solid
state output coupling capacitors.

The improvement in sound quality achieved was even Discrete regulators only
better than I had known how to hope for.
The separate clarity of every sound
is so much more succinct that I can easily hear
a greater sense of immediacy, detail, and
artistry in the music.  There is an immediate
and obvious greater appreciation of the subtle
individual notes that make up a chord, the layers
of individual voices in harmony, the variations
in the way each singer enunciates each word, the
three dimensional ambience around and in between
each instrument, the extremely taut and yet not
overbearing bass.  This is by far the best sound
that I have ever heard from my system.

Thank you very much,
W. Robertson

Discrete op and regsThe Eastern Electric DACs can be found at

Morning Star Audio


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