Discrete Voltage Regulator Review – Marantz CD94


The SS78XX discrete voltage regulator has been reviewed in a Marantz CD 94 CD player.

discrete voltage regulatorI always believe that a clean power supply is very important for audio. Once the power supply is quiet, we will hear more things. That is why I am in a quest for a cleaner power supply, which brings me to this product from Sparkos Labs. They are already getting attention with their discrete op amp but the product that brings up my interest is their discrete voltage regulator.

It is quite straightforward to change the regulators in my Marantz CD94. I just need to unsrcew 2 screws at the backpanel of the player, unplug the cable from the circuit board and take the heatsink module out. The 3 regulators that I  need to change are attached to the heatsink module. After some desoldering and soldering, I finished the installation of the 3 discrete regulators from Sparkos Labs. These 3 regulators are supplying the digital side of the CD player.

Now the listening parts. Big difference! It improves the sound of the CD
player in all aspects. It is so much quieter now and brings out more
micro and macro details. More transparent with a good transient attack.
Vocal is more fleshed out. More immediate and palpable. Bass goes deeper
and is punchier with a good decay. Cymbals sounded more realistic. It’s more
lively. I can feel the music. Much better emotions and expression from
the singer. I can get the feeling and the energy of the band playing in
front of me. This regulator is one of the best upgrades for my Marantz CD 94.

It makes me listen for hours now.

Kind regards,

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