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Member Canthearyou posted in Head-Fi about upgrading the op amps and
regulators in his Matrix M stage Headphone Amp with Sparkos.

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The following are some excerpts from the thread –

Audio Upgrade

Sparkos Labs SS3601 in a Matrix M-Stage Headphone Amp

“Ok. After a few hours listening I have a few more things to add. The Sparkoslabs op-amps are crystal clear! I am hearing new things in songs I’ve heard a hundred times before. I can’t even really describe it. Pitch black background, extreme instrument separation and positioning. Compared to the stock op-amps it’s not a night and day difference. More like a black hole and a supernova.”

He also upgraded the voltage regulator to the Sparkos
Labs SS7815 regulator.

“I’ve given the new amp a decent listening. It is powerful, clear,
and revealing. It allows me to hear things I’ve never heard
before. I can hearthe artist breathing between passages, guitar
picks plucking the strings, the grain/grit of a bow on a violin. It
sounds like cymbals and tambourines are live. Vocals have a new
life to them.

Audio Upgrade

Installation of a SS7815 into a Matrix M-stage Headphone Amp

One thing I noticed is that each sound is pronounced on its own.
I can’t really explain it. I guess it would be separation. And there is zero “fuzz” around each sound. The cleanest sound I’ve heard yet.”


Thank you, canthearyou, for the great pictures and insight.

Audio Upgrade

SS7815 completed installation into a Matrix M-Stage Headphone Amp

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