SS3601 Discrete Op Amp Review – Firestone Custom Cute DAC

The SS3601 Discrete Op Amp Has Been Reviewed in a Firestone “Custom Cute” Dac

SS3601 discrete op amp in DAC
I have put your discrete op amps into my DAC in place of two single opa604 in the analog stage.  My DAC is the Firestone Custom Cute which has excellent diagrams for the digital and analog stage. I got a goosebumps when I replaced the opa604 with your op amp. Its improved analog like, smooth and without grain at the top and middle, low bass register is a bit better and so is the separation with instruments, great depth and width, airy, superb dynamic range, and I could hear some sounds in better details. Next I would like to try these discrete op amps in Creek OBH15 pre-phono along with some Mundorf evo gold capacitors.  I like your device very much. I see they will have a great future. Great job!

For More about Sparkos Labs Discrete Op Amps, go to

Discrete Op Amps

The Firestone Custom Cute –

custom cute daccustom cute DAC2



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