SS3601 Discrete Op Amp Reviews – AK4399 DAC by Weiliang

The SS3601 Discrete Op Amp has been reviewed in an AK4399 Weiliang DAC – By Oliver Serrecchia.

SS3601_Weiliang DACMy system is home-made with MOSFET amplifiers and modified Dacs ( audio-GD, shiit, weilland) Sources are only waves from SB-Touch, Pc, Etc…

After trying so many (too many) Op Amps in my AK4399 DAC by Weiliang there was always something to dislike. Some Op Amps can have great dynamics with harsh sound while others had perfect treble with a dull sounding or thin mid range.

With the Sparkos Labs discrete-Op-amps I rediscovered the charm of music, full of satisfaction. The pleasure of enjoying music is when you stop asking yourself if there is something wrong in the

SS3601_weiliangsound and you just enjoy it. I like all sorts of music
but my test comparison was done with Classical – Vivaldi. Jazz :(chet baker-chet). and Vocal jazz-pop: Lisa Ekdal, Melody Gardot, Leonard Cohen, and Lynda Lemay

Classical music is a very good test because of the complex harmonic signature. I do not have a culture of classical music, but in all my systems, if it can pass the classical music test and sound lovely, then all kinds of music will flow right with emotions, time, tempo, lively, Etc.. even Hard-rock !

For sure the Sparkos Labs discrete op-amp is a perfect match for my DAC and will stay in my DAC.
Just the music that I want and I got with the Sparkos Labs Discretes- very nice job!

I want to thank you

The pleasure of listening to music was there.

Kind regards,
Olivier Serrecchia

For more information on the Sparko’s Labs discrete op amps, see –

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