SS3602 Discrete Op Amp Reviews – By Joan Velez

SS3602 Discrete Op Amp

SS3602 Discrete Op Amp Reviews.

After I tried several discrete op-amps for a custom made compressor project, I finally settled down on the Sparko’s Labs discrete op- amps, although there are a few op-amps on the market today, not all are suitable for easy DIY. Because of various reasons, first the size, the majority of the discrete op-amps are too big in size to fit on the traditional rack boxes, second they require some circuit compensations because slew rate differences, impedance loads and adequate voltage rates, third some of them need flying ground.  This is not the case of Sparko’s Labs discrete op-amps.

Now, how do they sound?

After doing some test and A/B’s I noticed a very detailed performance especially a smooth silky top end, the sound is more ‘effortless’. On drums, cymbals and kick sound more real, with an excellent transient preservation on each element of the kit, vocals or instrument, are more clearly defined in the stereo image. Vocals are much full and forward than others op-amps. On Piano (always the hardest test) the midrange is crystal clear and very musical . The most noticeable improvement is the super low noise it makes, the music background feels like a 3D image. In other words you can’t go wrong with the Sparko’s Labs discrete op-amp.

Joan Velez Producer, Recording Engineer

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