SS3602 Discrete Op Amp Review – Marchand Active Crossover

The SS3602 Discrete Op Amp has been reviewed by Byron Peterson in a Marchand XM44 3-way Active Crossover.


                                                                                                                      The SS3602’s Installed in the Marchand Crossover
SS3602 in Marchand xoverI finally received the discrete op amps yesterday and installed them in my Marchand xover (XM44 3-way)…WOW!

I must say that the improvement offered over the standard OPA2134 is not trivial. Extended highs, removal of grain, more smoothness and (especially) inner detail are definitely on the table. I would presume that this is because of the lower overall noise floor as compared to the relatively noisy op amps. There is a real richness to the music now as well as some added sparkle.

I have written a small ‘review’ on Canuck Audio Mart here:

Right now, my Marchand xover is a 3 channel with Bass, Midbass and Mids/Highs (they are passively crossed over at the drivers with a 1stxm44s
order), but when I switch it to Midbass, Mids and Highs with the sub using its own crossover, I will likely order 4 more from ya. Thanks again,
and have a great day!




                                                                                                                                                    The Marchand Crossover

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