SS3602 Discrete Op Amp Reviews – Hybrid Headphone Amplifier


The SS3602 Dual Discrete Op Amp Reviewed in a hybrid headphone amplifier.  –SS3602_long

Last night I gave several hours to test the chip. I’m very impressed..
First of all I used it in a little homemade hybrid headphone tube amp. I threw away
the original jrc4556 Grado’s chip… For your dual discrete op amp SS3602,
the difference between them is phenomenal.  Its all perfect to me now with the SS3602.
Nice tight bass, extreme medium and low balance. Woww.
I’m absolutely proud of my amp now… Also the chip gave me more gain. With a tube only, Its very difficult to reach a resonable gain..
When I combine as an hybrid the tube 12au7 military grade with your discrete op amp, the result is very very nice… Thank you!
Can you tell me how you do the chip,
its very microscopical…. lol .. Thank you thank you you..
Ps if you want to use my comment as a review ,
feel free my friend.. I will recommend your work to all people I know in the diy
and audiophile world ..



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Discrete Op Amps
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