SS3602 Discrete Op Amp Reviews – Lovely Cube Head Phone Amp (Lehmann Clone)

Hello !discrete op amp DAC

Sorry for my English, but as a child I studied Russian language only .
I use a google translate to make this message.Now it’s time for little review.

Your opamp is very melodic , captivates romanticism ,nostalgic sound (vintage or tube sound ? ) ,
slightly warms on top
slightly warmer bass ,
slightly cools down the middle.
slightly warm, soft , fast, low descends ,

high:ss3602 dIscrete op amp in DAC
airy , accurate, slightly warm
hisses nothing , nothing stings ,
one of the best I’ve listened ,
for me is a pure reference

mids :
seems to be recessed , nicely fills the space
I think this is due to the fact that the opamp has up to 140 dB in open loop gain
but is OK

space :
broad, with a slight reverb adds color and personality to it

and as I wrote earlier , rest of my opamps are a step backward compared to you design.SS3602 in Lehmann Clone
for example, discrete opamp DEXA – 73728 is weaker than your opamp.

my audio config:

Optical Converter 24Bit192K with PSU Weiliang

Fiio D03K mod. ” Celestia ” (modified by mikolaj612 )

Amplifier :
Lovely Cube (Lehmann amp clone) mod. ” Luna ” (modified by mikolaj612 )

headphones :
1 ) Superlux HD 681 B
2 ) Creative Aurvana Live! ( recabled by mikolaj612 )
3 ) KOSS UR40


For More about Sparkos Labs Discrete Op Amps, go to

Discrete Op Amps
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