SS3602 Discrete Op Amp Reviews – Sony CDP-CX455 CD Player

The SS3602 Dual Discrete Op Amp has been reviewed in a Sony CDP-CX455 CD Player – By Edison Muset.

SS3602_CWhen I was young back in the 90s, I remember my old Aiwa DX-C100M 100 Disc CD player. It was my second CD player bought by my father as a gift. It was the closest thing to having a jukebox of bygone eras . For me and many friends it had a lovely sound, better than any CD player of that era. We loved using it regularly, its greatest virtue was not having to handle the CDs with your hands. It represents a jewel that never could damage your CDs, they would always be like new…

With time, I understood that Aiwa did not use integrated op amps, which provided a crisp sound that everyone liked. From that moment on I became a part of the world of audio. Recently, I bought a Sony cdp-cx455 400 disc player. It’s greater than my old Aiwa, and its size is larger. But the truth is that I felt bored with the sound. It was flat, without life, all very contrary to what your ears passionately want to hear…


I had replaced the clock with a Burson audio, capacitors with nichicon FG and MUSE, Mundorf silver/gold solder, regulators with Dexa, RCA gold, and silver plated phono RCA audio cables with a military spec… As a result, it was just like watching a concert through the serrojo of a door, it was not enough for my tastes. The original had 3 op amps – 4558D, I had replaced them with 5532 and after that with Muses02… He was so convinced of the changes that they made, but it wasn’t what I was looking for and I did not want to replace my CD player, since it kept my CD collection intact and safe.


DSC_1040wanted the best of both worlds. High fidelity and my intact CDs. I could not use a Dexa op amp, much less a Burson audio op amp as the space was too small inside the player for them to fit. The circuit board where the op amps go sits above the carousel of discs, so the height available is very small… One day, I came across a surprising thing on the web about Sparkos labs and their discrete op amps – the SS3601/SS3602. To see them gave me hope, I had deep desires to obtain the sound I wanted. I dared to consult Andrew Sparks of Sparkos Labs who was very patient in answering many of my doubts quickly despite the late hours. He showed confidence in his product.  I took the time to read the specifications, studying the graphs, etc, to be sure that it was the correct part. Alas, I took the initiative and acquired 3 of the Sparkos Labs SS3602 Dual Discrete Op Amps.

Wow… amazing. They were really small and seemed incredibly well built. The pins were perfectly suited to any DIP socket adapter. After long hours of listening to jazz, to rock, a smile on my face denotes a great approval. They gave me clarity and realism, all of my music was three-dimensional. I could close my eyes and enjoy the voices, instruments seemed to be there, and the bass was so controlled. The SS3602’s low noise level creates a shocking scenario. I can only say thank you Andrew Sparks. Now I can open the front door of a concert and admire with fullness everything the recordings can offer. The Sparkos labs discrete op amps will give you that opportunity.

“They have the passion for music”.
Thank You.
Edison Muset

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