SS3602 Dual Discrete Op Amp Compressor Application

SS3602 dual discrete op amp reviews Рcompressor application.

By Masashi Endo
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Review Date :  1/31/2014

SS3602 Discrete op amp reviewSS3602 Discrete op amp review

I checked the sound.
The result is great….

I compared with OP275, MUSES8920, LM4562. I thought I compare with other opamps,
but I stopped, because your opamp’s sound is far better than others, I think threre are
no meaning to continue competition.

First I compared 3 opamps.
OP275, bright and has good color
MUSES8920, warm

LM4562, rather neutral sound

Next, I changed into your opamp.
The sound is tight, ultra clear, pick up original sound (detail of instrument or background noise, reverb) without color,
amazing sound is there in this small package.
After I heard the sound, I returned other opamps, then I feel all monolithic opamps has strong color,
how they lose the original sound. Only your opamp can output the real sound.
One point I regret is that I feel the sound is a little too tight. It doesn’t mean it has less lowend,it should be because of its clearness. I have to improve that with other passive components(caps, wires or solders).

I will buy one again when I need the real Hi-Fi sound in DIP package. Thank you for great item.

Best regards, Masashi

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