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The Aries Headphone Amplifier and Preamp

Our newest product and first piece of audio gear. Powered by our discrete op amps and voltage regulators.

See the Aries Headphone Amplifier now.

discrete op amp

Discrete op amps, the ultimate audio upgrade. These devices are constructed with circuit techniques that are impossible to implement in an IC op amp.

Discrete Op Amps

SS2590 pro discrete op amp

The SS2590 pro discrete op amp for professional, studio, and console use. Designed to upgrade the archaic API devices that were manufactured decades ago.

Pro Discrete Op Amp

discrete voltage regulator

Discrete voltage regulators to upgrade the 78XX/79XX and adjustable regulators for far better power supply performance than their IC counterparts can offer.

Discrete Voltage Regulators

Vintage audio upgrade modules

Vintage Marantz and Sansui upgrade modules. These allow our discrete op amps to replace the BA312 preamp IC commonly used in these vintage receivers.

Vintage Audio Upgrades

sparkos labs blog

Get all the latest about the goings on at Sparkos Labs.  In our blog, we discuss design tips, tweeks, audio show coverage, and who we are and what we are all about.

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Our products and devices are used all around the globe by everyone from hobbiests to audio equipment manufacturers.  See what others are saying about us.

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