About Sparkos Labs

Sir Lüdendorf Geekenstein esquire the third.   AKA Lütz.  President and CEO of Sparkos Labs.  The little doggie.

Like all CEO's, Lütz is highly overpaid, makes ridiculous demands, and has no idea what is really going on around here. We can say such things about him openly because he only speaks German, and doesn't understand English at all. Despite this shortcoming, Lütz is a visionary like none other. His ears are far better than any human audiophile's could ever hope to be, with the ability detect phase errors as small as 3 degrees over a bandwidth of DC to dog whistle. In the year 2014, he created the vast global empire that is Sparkos Labs, Inc. Lütz's management style is iron fisted, and he demands perfection and greatness in all that we do.

Lütz employees 2 humans - Andrew Sparks, (Sparko) and Alisa Jones, (The Doctress). They are a dynamic duo on par with the most legendary dynamic duos like....Ever. We're talking like R2 and 3PO, only more organic. We're talking like like Dre and Snoop, but with less musical talent. Sparko handles all of the electronic design and engineering, and The Doctress performs all IT and website work, videography, marketing, purchasing, quality control, shipping and receiving, and inventory control. She provides all sanity checks for Sparko, and all tubba tubbs for Lütz.

Lutz, CEO of sparkos labs
alisa and andrew

About Sparko - Andrew got into electronics when he was young enough to tell people how old he was using less than all of his fingers.  Someone made the mistake (or perhaps had the brilliance) to give him a Radio Shack 200 in 1 electronic kit which opened a Pandora's box that forever changed his life.  Electronics quickly became his passion in life, and the reason for his existence.  The next thing you knew, Andrew began sabotaging everything in the house from blenders to the family TV in an effort to convince his mom that these things were broken which would allow him disassemble them, see how they worked, and scavenge their innards.   In 8th grade for Christmas, Santa delivered to him his first ever Oscilloscope.  A Beckman 20MHz  2 channel Circuitmate 9020 that is still on active duty, and still occasionally sees combat. Andrew went on to study electronics at Kansas State University and has worked in the electronics industry for nearly two decades until Lütz hired him to be the engineering mind of Sparkos Labs, Inc.  The rest is history.

sparko and lutz
Alisa and lutz

About The Doctress – As mentioned before, Alisa pretty much does everything around The Labs except design circuits.  She brings to the table years of managerial experience, a mind for organization and logistics, and a wit charm like no other.  She is good at everything that Sparko isn’t, and she does everything that Sparko can’t.  She is the yen to his yang. Alisa created such a name for herself in her former industry that Lütz eventually caught wind of it. He knew immediately that she was exactly what he needed to take his vast global empire to the next level. He made her an offer that she could not refuse, and it turned out to be the best business decision that he ever made.


Disapproving Howard.  Lütz recently hired an overseer to keep an eye on things in his absence. You know, like when he is off on his yacht doing his CEO stuff.    Unlike Lütz, Disapproving Howard is always on site. He stays in the lab silently judging everything that we do.   His scornful disposition forces us to strive for perfection.  We are not allowed to be satisfied with ourselves or our work until he is, and since he never is, neither can we be.

Our Mission and Company Culture :

Lütz created his company to be sort of like Schitt audio - only danker.  He believes that superior products are created through superior engineering, and that superior businesses are built through superior customer satisfaction.   We are deliberate, methodical, and precise in everything we do; for the devil is always in the details.  We have no deadlines, and set no schedules. Perfection takes however long that it takes, and we do not compromise perfection for the sake of meeting some arbitrary deadline imposed by Füehrer Lütz.  We instead endure his wrath, and work on Saturday.

We take the objective engineering approach.  Our products are measurably and verifiably superior, and this can be demonstrated through measurements and data.  How do they sound?  Well, it sounds like audio perfection from DC to dog whistle. And we mean that for realsies because the little doggie Lütz ensures that it does.  And of course we would say this.  To answer how our products "sound" is not a question that we attempt to answer beyond the sarcastic response that was just given.  Instead, we rely on our customers and other audiophiles to make those claims for us. When it comes to how our products sound, we would invite you to Google us, see what others have to say, and take a listen for yourself.

We don't like sales people, and neither do you.  We are engineers and audiophiles first, business people second, and dog owners third.  We strive to create products and that sell themselves so that we don't have to.

Made in USA.

Sparkos Labs is located in Westminster Colorado, USA, and keeps things local and domestic.  Our PCB fab house is up in Longmont, Colorado, and our pick and place house is in Golden across from the Coors Brewing Factory. We buy and fabricate locally, and source all parts from American distributors.  Because America.


Share it for the little doggie.  Share it for America.