PRO to DIP Adapter PCB

Want to use the SS2590 Pro Discrete Op amp in an application that normally takes a single DIP8 op amp? Say hello to the PRO to DIP adapter PCB! This adapter will allow the SS2590 to replace any single op amp that uses a DIP8 footprint.
API to DIP adapter

Simply install and solder the SS2590 into the adapter board, trim the excess SS2590 pins protruding through, and away you go.  The PRO discrete op amp can only be installed one way around - so you never have to worry about getting the orientation wrong.

API to DIP adapter Sparkos Labs

The SS2590 can now be used to replace any single DIP8 op amp. Pin one is indicated by the notch in the DIP8 connector, as well as the gold outline and dot along the edge of the SS2590 adapter PCB to help you get the DIP8 orientation correct.

Note that this adapter can only be used to replace single op amps with the SS2590.   If you need to replace a dual op amp in a DIP8, check out our PRO to DUAL adapter here.

API to DIP adapter
API to DIP adapter sparkos labs