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Headphone driver circuit

Using the SS2590 Discrete Op Amp for direct driving headphones.

Headphone Driver Circuit Post.

Power supply bypass capacitors for audio

Bypass capacitor arrangements for audio op amps. Sparkos thoughts about how to do this, what types of capacitors to use, and how to route them on your PCBs.

Power supply bypassing post.

two pole compensation

A technical article detailing op amp compensation, and why 2 pole compensation is superior, and why IC op amps cant to it, and how discrete op amps are able to.

Discrete Op Amps Vs IC

sparkos labs at RMAF 2019

Sparkos Labs at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019.  Dana Cable was there.  Howard was there.  The Doctress was there.   Were you?

If you weren't, see what you missed at RMAF 2019 right here.

phono amplifier development

One of the "things that never were" we chronicle the exploratory development of a phono amplifier.  It wasnt the right time or place, and the critical BF862 JFET went obsolete right in the middle of it all.

Sparkos Labs Phono Amplifier

about sparkos labs

Sparkos Labs ! ?

Never heard of em.

This explains who we are, and what we are all about.

About Sparkos Labs

discrete voltage regulator assembly

Ever been hypnotized by an industrial pick and place machine?    This video shows how our devices are assembled by both humans and robots in conjuntion with Tracer PCBA.  They got the robots, we got the humans.

Pick and Place Video


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