SOIC to DIP Adapters

SOIC to DIP adapter

Wanting to replace a surface mounted SOIC-8 op amp with a Sparkos Labs discrete DIP-8? Meet the SOIC-8 to DIP-8 adapter.

This op amp adapter PCB will allow you to install Sparkos Labs Discrete op amps into any piece of gear that currently uses surface mounted SOIC8 op amps.  Both an op amp adapter board with male pins and a female socket are included in each SOIC to DIP adapter kit.

SOIC to DIP adapter

Pictured to the right is the Sparkos Labs SS3602 dual discrete op amp mounted in a surface mount SOIC-8 location on a PCB using the SOIC-8 to DIP-8 adapter board.  Please see the installation instructions detailed below –

SOIC to DIP adapters for discrete op amp

(1) Locate the surface mounted op amps.  Look up their part numbers (which are printed right on the part) and determine if you need a single op amp (SS3601) Or Dual op amp (SS3602) to replace it.

SOIC-8  op amp

(2) Carefully remove the surface mounted SOIC-8 op amps and clean the excess solder from the pads.  Using solder wick is likely the easiest method to remove the old device and excess solder.  A Q-tip and a bit of alcohol should be used to swab off any excess flux residue.

SOIC-8 lands

(3) Install the female socket that is included with the SOIC to DIP adapter kit on the PCB and solder it into place.  Make sure that any exposed vias on the PCB that are underneath the original device do not touch any of the pins on the female socket.  It may be necessary to cover and insulate any exposed vias with Kapton tape or something similar if there are exposed vias underneath the adapter socket.

SOIC to DIP adapter sparkos adapter

(4)Install the op amp adapter board with male pins and the discrete op amp into the female socket on the board.

SOIC-8 to DIP-8 adapters for op amps
Dip to Soic Adapter Dimensions