Sparkos Labs at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) 2019

We exhibited at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) 2019 where we formally unveiled the Aries Headphone Amplifier to the world.  We teamed up with Dana Robbins, who is the mastermind of Dana Cable and had a joint exhibition.  The Doctress Alisa Jones was there, Howard was there, and everyone had a great time and a lot of fun.  Photos, video, and highlights of the show follow.  Enjoy ~

Sparkos Labs at RMAF Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019
So this was our whole spread. We ran two of our Aries Headphone amplifier units off of a Denafripps DAC running JRiver. The Aries on the left had 2 Focal Utopia Headphones; one was on the stock cable and the other was on a Dana Cable to allow people to hear the Dana Cable difference, which is real AF BTW. The Aries headphone Amplifier on the right ran a pair of the new flagship Verete headphones from ZMF. Howard sat in between, we threw in some discrete op amps and regulators in front of him, and had a couple candy bowls filled with only the dankest. We're talking Blow Pops, Snickers, Milkey Way, Kit Kat, Smarties, and Double Bubble.

Howard at RMAF

Howard was a big hit at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest and folks were taking selfies with him and all of that.  Our CEO, Lutz, (the little doggie) had Howard accompany us to the show in his absence as he was off training to storm Area 51 in search of Alien Audio Tech later that month.  I mean sure, Lutz had a new headphone amplifier product to unveil and all of that, so you would think that he would have made it to the show himself, but the little doggies gonna do what the little doggies gonna do - and that is what the little doggie done.  If that sounds completely insane to you, then you should check out our About Us page for an explanation.

howard at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest RMAF

The Aries at RMAF

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019 was the world premier of our Aries Headphone Amplifier. So we were stoked about that.  It's based on our SS2590 discrete op amps and uses our discrete voltage regulators in the power supply.  Months of development, hours of listening, and the blood sweat and tears of both the little doggie and the two humans he employees went into this thing. In the end, even disapproving Howard cracked a smile, and Fuehrer Lutz spared us the gulag and allowed us to keep our jobs. 

The Aries managed to exceed everyone's expectations.

And lo, our first piece of actual "sit on your table top" piece of gear was born.

Aries at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest RMAF

Dana Cable at RMAF

As mentioned before, we teamed up with Dana Robbins of Dana Cable to do the exhibit.  Here is a great photo of us together; purposefully constructed from 2 photos  stacked on top of each other and aligned in such a way as to make it look like he has huge biceps and an abnormally large hand holding one of his fantastic headphone cables.

All joking aside - his cables are the real deal.  We know there are plenty of "cable skeptics" out there which is why we were running our headphone amplifiers with an output splitter, and would run two identical headphones but put one on a stock cable, and the other on a Dana Cable.  This allowed people to easily A/B the cables, and hear the difference for themselves on the same rig, with the same source - the only difference being the headphone cable.

Its so pronounced, that we could take some guys wife who is not an audiophile at all, but was rather "drug out to the show" by her significant other, sit her down in front of things, and even she could readily hear the difference.

Dana Cable at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest RMAF

ZMF Headphones at RMAF

We also cross exhibited with ZMF Headphones who are awesome people and make incredible headphones.  We ran a pair of their new flagship Verete headphones on one of our Aries headphone amplifiers in our exhibit, and gave them an Aries headphone amp to run some of their headphones to be used in their exhibit.

This pic is from their exhibit with a few pairs of their headphones and the Aries.  I would like to thank Zach and the entire ZMF squad for the opportunity to use a pair of their headphones in our exhibit at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.  The button below will give ya more about ZMF headphones.

ZMF headphones at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

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