Complete BA312-S upgrade kit for Vintage Sansui models 890, 890DB, 990, 990DB, 8080, 8080DB, 9090, 9090DB.

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ba312 IC replacement in sansui

For use in Sansui Models

Sansui 890
Sansui 890db
Sansui 990
Sansui 990db
Sansui 8080
Sansui 8080db
Sansui 9090
Sansui 9090db

The BA312 Upgrade Module

Each kit contains (X2) BA312-S replacement modules fitted with our SS3601 Discrete Op Amps as well as (X4) Nichicon UKA/UKT capacitors and low noise Vishay carbon film resistors. Installation instructions are provided in the kit and can also be downloaded in PDF format using the links above.

For Sansui units, the BA312 are used on the F2544 tone control assembly. Be sure to order the appropriate upgrade module depending on whether it is needed for Marantz (BA312-M) or Sansui (BA312-S) as they have different gains and require slightly different components to be swapped out during installation.

With this upgrade, one can expect a flatter frequency response, a reduction in Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) and a lower noise floor.  Overall, this upgrade will bring F2544 assembly in the Sansui to the next level of performance with a distinct improvement in overall dynamic presentation, sound stage, and frequency response across the audible spectrum while retaining their smooth characteristic sound.