Dual Discrete Op Amp SS3602


SS3602 Discrete Op Amp – Dual

And don’t forget your Dip sockets / Risers !!

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  • Full Data Sheet Available
  • 140 dB Open Loop Gain
  • 415nV RMS (2.9nV√HZ) Noise to 20KHZ
  • +/- 18 Vcc Max
  • 15mA Class A Output Current
  • 65mA Max Output Current
  • 14mA Supply Current
  • < 300µV Typical Offset


  • Best Op Amp For Amplifying Audio Signals
  • Available In Single Or Dual
  • DIP8 Compatible Package
  • Circular Machined Gold Plated Pins
  • Smallest Discrete Op Amp On The Market
  • 100% Class A Biasing
  • Two Pole Compensation
  • NPO Capacitors
  • 1% Metal Film Resistors
SS3602 Mechanical Dimensions

Taking your gear to the next level.

Discrete op amp installation in most gear is simple, requires no soldering, and is plug and play. Simply remove the IC op amps from their sockets, install the discretes in their place, and then prepare yourself for audio bliss. The explainer video above illustrates the process and explains why discrete op amps are the best op amp for amplifying audio signals.  And of course we are here to answer all of your questions and walk you through the process together if you like.  Contact us today, and we will gladly assist you.  Just know that when you submit a contact form to Sparkos Labs, you will get a response from Sparko himself.

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