Cambridge Audio Azur 851N with Discrete Voltage Regulator Upgrade

The Sparkos Labs discrete voltage regulators have been reviewed in a Cambridge Audio Azur 851N Network Audio Player.

I have replaced the 3-Terminal IC regulators with the Sparkos Labs discrete voltage regulators in my network audio player, the Cambridge Audio Azur 851N. This player uses many regulators for the dual DAC circuit, ten LM78XX, and LM79XX were used in the DAC analog output circuit. These regulators are supplying +5V for the DAC, +-5V for I/V conversion circuit, and +-15V for LPF circuit with op-amps. I thought that there was room for improvement on this player with replacing these regulators.

Installation is very easy due to the height and width of the discrete regulators are completely the same as the TO-220 package, the heat sink is perfectly fitted, but some electronic components around the regulator might touch the front because of thickness. So you should check the space in front of the regulators before replacing.

Cambridge Audio Azur upgraded with sparkos labs discretes

First impression of after installation, the sound goes brilliant! Listening to piano music it sounds smooth and free from distortion. After a week of burn-in, the mid bass becomes 3D-like due to the removal of muddiness. Improvement of transients makes it possible to hear many barely audible sounds unconsciously. Especially percussion like conga is reproduced more and more realistic. The sound stage is wonderfully encompassing. There is a fine isolation to the vocals and other acoustic instruments, very detailed but not harsh. There seems to be no limit to the highs and lows!

Replacing the 3-terminal IC regulators with Sparkos discrete voltage regulators in the Cambridge Audio Azur are one of the best upgrades  to improve the performance of your audio system with a little effort.

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cambirdge audio azur upgrade

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