Matrix M-Stage with Sparkos Labs Discrete Op Amp and Voltage Regulator Review Head-Fi

Head-Fi member Canthearyou posted  about upgrading the op amps and regulators in his Matrix M-stage Headphone Amp with Sparkos Labs discrete op amps and voltage regulators.  The following are some excerpts from the thread
matrix m-stage upgraded with sparkos labs

Sparkos Labs SS3601 in a Matrix M-Stage Headphone Amp

“Ok. After a few hours listening I have a few more things to add. The Sparkos Labs op-amps are crystal clear! I am hearing new things in songs I’ve heard a hundred times before. I can’t even really describe it. Pitch black background, extreme instrument separation and positioning. Compared to the stock op-amps it’s not a night and day difference. More like a black hole and a supernova.”
matrix m-stage with sparkos labs discrete regulators

Installation of a SS7815 into a Matrix M-stage Headphone Amp

“I’ve given the new Matrix M-Stage amp a decent listening. It is powerful, clear, and revealing. It allows me to hear things I’ve never heard before. I can hear the artist breathing between passages, guitar picks plucking the strings, and the grain/grit of a bow on a violin. It sounds like cymbals and tambourines are live. Vocals have a new life to them. One thing I noticed is that each sound is pronounced on its own. I can’t really explain it. I guess it would be separation. And there is zero “fuzz” around each sound. The cleanest sound I’ve heard yet.”

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matrix m-stage Audio voltage reg install

SS7815 completed installation into a Matrix M-Stage Headphone Amp

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