Mavrick Audio DAC reviewed with Sparkos Labs Discrete Op Amps

This was the very first professional review of the discrete op amps, performed by Mike Cox of TnT audio back in 2014 on a Maverick Audio DAC.   This was before we were using gold plated circuit boards, and back when we were using square pins on the discrete op amps that had trouble fitting into many DIP sockets.  Those issues were fixed years ago.

During the review, Mike said “I am sitting here listening to Santana and the album Milagro completely blown away with the sound quality. It seems so much more detailed and coherent. The impact of replacing a regular device with those from Sparkos Labs is significant, with added weight, tonal richness, resolution and improved timing on the Maverick Audio DAC. I must share this with some of my fellow reviewers who are local as it seems so special to me.”

Click here to see the full review of the Maverick DAC on the TnT audio website.

Maverick audio DAC with sparkos labs discrete op amps

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