Marchand Active Crossover reviewed with SS3602 Discrete Op Amp Upgrade.

I finally received the discrete op amps yesterday and installed them in my Marchand Crossover (XM44 3-way)…WOW!

I must say that the improvement offered over the standard OPA2134 is not trivial. Extended highs, removal of grain, more smoothness and (especially) inner detail are definitely on the table. I would presume that this is because of the lower overall noise floor as compared to the relatively noisy stock op amps. There is a real richness to the music now as well as some added sparkle.

I have written a small review on Canuck Audio Mart.

You can view it by clicking here

Marchand crossover with sparkos labs SS3602

The SS3602’s Installed in the Marchand Crossover

Right now, my Marchand Crossover is a 3 channel with Bass, Midbass, and Mids/Highs (they are passively crossed over at the drivers with a 1st order), but when I switch it to Midbass, Mids, and Highs with the sub using its own crossover, I will likely order 4 more from ya. Thanks again,
and have a great day!


Marchand Crossover

The Marchand Crossover

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