SS1117XX Discrete Voltage Regulator


SS1117-XX Positive Discrete Voltage Regulator
Identical to SS78XX except for the pinout, which goes GND OUT IN for this device.
Use to replace fixed and adjustable regulators such as LM317.
Rework is required on the resistors that set the output voltage if this device
is used to replace any adjustable regulator.

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  • 125dB Input Rejection
  • 3uV RMS Noise @5Vo, 5.8uVRMS Noise @ 15Vo (20Hz – 20KHz)
  • Excellent Transient Response
  • < 2V Dropout Voltage
  • Stable With Ceramic And Low ESR Output Capacitors
  • 1 Amp Output Current (Internally Limited And Protected)
  • Fully Discrete Design – Right Down To The Error Amplifier
  • On – Board 10uF Tantalum Polymer Output Capacitor
  • Precision Thin Film 0.1% Tolerance Resistors
  • +/- 1.5% Output voltage accuracy
  • Available With Positive Or Negative Fixed Output Voltage Of 3.3V – 24V
  • Available In 3 Industry Standard Pin Outs
  • Perfect for audio power supply and Eurorack power supply designs
discrete voltage regulators for diy audio power supply and eurorack power supply

Discrete Voltage Regulator Overview

Sparkos Labs has created a family of discrete voltage regulators designed to replace 78xx / 79xx / 1117xx and adjustable style regulators for use in audio power supplies.  They are available in a TO-220 compatible package and come in 3 industry standard pin-outs.  These discrete devices have a fixed output voltage range from +/-3.3V to +/-24V with over 1 Amp of available output current.  They can be used to replace the inferior monolithic voltage regulators in audio and eurorack power supply systems to improve the audio power supply performance.

Regulator comparison
ultra low noise discrete voltage reg ulator for audio power supply
Discrete regulator Input Rejection
Discrete regulator noise