The Sparkos Labs SS2590 Discrete Op Amp Reviewed in DIYRE CP5 Mic Pre and EQP5 Equalizer.

So in my search in finding different ways to create a certain sound and to have options in my studio for my 500 series rack I discovered Sparkos Labs Inc. I contacted Andrew with a couple of questions I had, and at the time he didn't have any DOA 2520 style products for sale. Fast forward a couple of months I see a post for his SS2590.

Upon receiving it I just wanted to insert the pair right into my DIYRE mastering chain I created and get back to Andrew right away. I was surprised on how it sounded that I really wanted to put it through the motions, so this review is based on 3 mixing and 2 mastering sessions I did. I put it in my DIYRE CP5 mic pre and right away I noticed a difference. Keep in mind the music I'm mixing and mastering is Commercial Dance, House and Pop music.
SS2590 API Op Amp

Right away things got a bit wider and transients in the mids got sharper and a bit more pronounced. The highs where less harsh but remained detailed, the low end remained nice and warm and round. Due to the way I have my set up I didn't have the need to push it hard. So I tried just having it in the mic pre in my chain alone and it performed very good, everything sounded as it should meaning no loss of sound quality at all, it sounded like what I call Perky and at attention. and the noise is low !!

I have a rather unique setup and I wont go into to much detail about it but the SS2590 is exactly what I need as another option in my arsenal. In my set up I have 2 pairs of Rogue Five Op amp's, A pair of GAR 1731 and a Hrk British Console and a cpl of mods I wont get into. All this is in 3 Colour Palette, 2 CP5 mic pre and a Pair of EQP5 all by DIYRE. With certain music and on certain tracks the SS2590 out performed some of my other options. In a nutshell things sounded more GLUED! I shouldn't say out performed, it just did the job that I required to get done in a better way. Its a nice and clean robust gain, and I like the fact that I don't have to push it hard.

SS2590 Pro API Op Amp

This I know is partially due to how my set up is. I put this on my master chain,  on grouped channels of drums, music, and even bass and it did its job! This Op Amp is a great addition and does not sound like anything I already have which is exactly what I needed. I put it in my chain before and after some plugins as well as with some of the other op amps and at times I found myself using a hotter level on the SS2590 than the other op amps. I still want to run it in different configurations in my chain as I think I can still push it hotter and get better sound. I'm gonna put it in the EQP5 when I get my Vintage Output bundle option and see how it performs, I'm pretty sure I might have to order another pair!

Seeing how this performed in the studio environment I can only imagine how sweet this would sound in someone's home theater system. Great product and well built!


Junior Rivero

DIYRE Mic Pre SS2590

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